I had two treatments and immediately felt the benefits.

My experience of Kinesiology is one of sheer wonderment at how it works, but it does!

I have not had an allergic reaction since my treatments.

Each time I have come away amazed at the effects.

I can thoroughly recommend Carla and urge you to give her treatment a try.

After 3 weeks I realised I had regained my appetite and actually looked forward to eating again and gradually began to return to normal.

My daughters eczema having departed a couple of weeks after the treatment has not returned.

I would recommend anyone taking his or her child with any complaint, it really does work!

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What is Kinesiology?

Kinesiology in East SussexKinesiology is a wonderful and non invasive holistic therapy that is suitable for all age groups including children. Kinesiology uses muscle testing to identify imbalances within the body. These imbalances can cause the body to display symptom such as headaches, asthma, allergies, Irritable bowl syndrome, depression and low energy. The muscle testing provides a unique and sensitive diagnostic tool that takes the guess work out of reaching your optimum health and is commonly known for its positive results when used for Allergy and nutritional testing. Any imbalances detected are then treated using a combination of techniques, these may include, firm reflex massage, acupressure, emotional stress release techniques, nutritional supplements, gentle structural realignment, Bach flower remedies, allergy testing and much more.

Clients may also benefit from techniques to enable them to improve performance and achieve goals, enabling each individual to reach their full potential.

How does it work?

Kinesiology embraces both western and eastern principles of health and well being.

Eastern medicine has taught us that the body has channels of electrical energy running through it, known as meridians. This forms the foundation of kinesiology and it is through this system and the central nervous system that a Kinesiologist can detect imbalances within the body.

Each muscle is related to an organ and also to a meridian. Together the muscle, organ and meridian form a “circuit”, if there are chemical, emotional, structural or energetic stresses affecting the circuit, the muscle tested will feel weak, indicating an imbalance.

Commonly treated problems

Abdominal pains, Addictions, Allergies , Anxiety, Arthritic pain, Asthma,

Backache, Bloating, Candida, Carpel Tunnel, Chronic Fatigue, Colds,

Constipation, Co-ordination, Depression, Digestive Disorders, Dizziness, Dyslexia,

Eczema, Fears, Fibromyalgia, Frequent Infection, Frozen Shoulder, Headaches,

Hyperactivity in children, I.B.S, Insomnia, Joint Pain, Low Self Esteem, M.E,

Menopausal, Migraines, Neck Problems, Period Problems, Phobias, Postural Problems,

Skin Complaints, Tension, Stress, Weight Problems,

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For a free 15 minute phone consultation call Carla Carrington on: 07941 389994

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