I had two treatments and immediately felt the benefits.

My experience of Kinesiology is one of sheer wonderment at how it works, but it does!

I have not had an allergic reaction since my treatments.

Each time I have come away amazed at the effects.

I can thoroughly recommend Carla and urge you to give her treatment a try.

After 3 weeks I realised I had regained my appetite and actually looked forward to eating again and gradually began to return to normal.

My daughters eczema having departed a couple of weeks after the treatment has not returned.

I would recommend anyone taking his or her child with any complaint, it really does work!

I cannot praise Carla highly enough for her care and treatment. My goal when I went to see in summer 2014, was to be able to walk down the aisle at my wedding in October 2014 without being worried about suddenly needing the toilet. During my first treatment I lay there thinking ‘quack’ ‘quack’ but then as she identified the things that upset my bowel and as I removed them I began to feel so much better, I couldn’t believe the terrific result I was achieving. It was nothing short of miraculous! I used to have to empty my bowel 3-4 times BEFORE I left home for work and also sometimes stop en route; I even planned out where there were toilet facilities so I didn’t have to go by the side of the road. Now I go once perhaps twice before I leave home and have not had to stop en route for months. My initial treatments have stopped now although I am seeing Carla again in April 2015 for a maintenance visit just to check whether the sensitivity with certain foods is still there and make sure the supplements I’m taking are still at the right level. Another benefit of the treatment is that I have lost nearly a stone in weight! And did I walk down the aisle without any issues on my wedding day? Oh yes! Thanks to Carla I’m in control of my bowel; it no longer controls me.

Tracy Ann Kitching


Carla has treated me both during stressful times and before big sporting events. Each time I have come away amazed at the effects – I have been calm, positive and balanced as a result of Carla’s warmth, her ability to tune into me and her expertise in her field. 

I can’t explain what Carla does but after seeing her I glided round my first marathon in October. Despite it being one of Europe’s toughest, I enjoyed every step of the way and put in a much better time than I had hoped possible.

I can thoroughly recommend Carla and urge you to give her treatment a try.

Dr Alistair Scott


Carla treated my 5 year old son with kinesiology with remarkable effects.  I booked my son to see her as he had bad Eczema and was in discomfort and not sleeping. Carla was fantastic with him and made the sessions fun.  She identified with the change in his muscle strength what foods he should avoid and what supplements would help support him. Carla also identified what soaps and body washes to avoid, this was invaluable as I was at a loss on what to use and didn’t want to cause more irritation but found one that he could use without irritation. We followed her suggestions and he happily took the supplements. Within a few weeks we had noticed a real change and within a couple of months the eczema had completely cleared and we had a much happier boy! We have recommended friends to visit Carla with similar issues and they too have had positive results. I would not hesitate in recommending Carla and her treatments.

Mrs Sarah Hall


I was recommended to visit Carla by a friend as I suffered from Arthritis and was becoming more reliant on a wheel chair. I had just one treatment which focused on allergy testing. Carla suggested giving up milk and now I don’t suffer from arthritis any more and my wheel chair has been put away! The treatment was life changing and I am most grateful.

Regards Paul

My experience of Kinesiology is one of sheer wonderment at how it works, but it does! Carla is a skilled and knowledgeable practitioner with whom I feel completely safe. Sometimes treatments are instantaneous, others, one is aware of a feeling of well being, a couple of hours or even days later.  I know that the supplements Carla suggests that I take are just the one’s I need and order in confidence that they are going to support me, and they do.

I respond well to Kinesiology and especially to Carla’s treatments, and would recommend to anyone that they lie on the couch with an open mind and willingness to heal and see where it leads them…..

Anne Harrington-Lowe


I initially visited Carla for Kinesiology to identify the possible cores of my anaphylactic shocks which were becoming increasingly more concerning to me, my GP and consultants. I had been hospitalised 7 times and each attack was gradually more sever and life threatening. Carla assessed my diet and asked me to keep a food diary. She then muscle tested me to find the possible allergens in my diet, amazingly she was able to identify the trigger foods mustard and oregano which were interfering with an ace inhibitor tablet I was taking for my blood pressure. I avoided these foods and did not have an allergic reaction. I then visited my consultant who changed my Ace inhibitor tablets. Carla confirmed through muscle testing again that I could now eat the trigger foods that had once affected me. I have not had an allergic reaction since my treatments and I’m so grateful to Carla and her amazing ability to tune into me. I have since visited her for other complaints such as bad neck ache with the same positive effects. I always feel energised and brighter after my treatments with Carla and will continue to use kinesiology as a health care plan.

Mr Mc Kinlay


I initially came to see Carla as I was feeling under par. I had 2 treatments and immediately felt the benefits.

I may not understand Kinesiology but I know that it works for me. It’s like fairy magic!

Carla is a sensitive and incredibly thorough therapist and I can highly recommend her.

Mrs Pont


I had taken antibiotics for a chest infection, followed by another course of treatment with a much stronger prescription. I was left feeling ‘not quite right’!  The infection eventually cleared up but I felt permanently one degree under, slightly bilious, unable to eat and definitely not my usual self.  I could not, however, put my finger on what exactly was wrong.  Having been recommended to visit Carla I went to see her hoping she might be able to help.  The atmosphere was wonderfully relaxed and she suggested a course of natural treatment which she felt might restore me to my usual self.  She pinpointed what she felt was cause and suggested that I should return to see her after a month to see how I was feeling.  After 3 weeks I realised I had regained my appetite and actually looked forward to eating again and gradually began to return to normal.  I am still ‘taking the tablets’ and following her dietary advise and will continue to see her once a month to maintain my improvement.  I suggested my daughter should go and see her and she has now had two visits and fully intends to continue on a regular basis.  I have no hesitation in recommending Carla.

Mrs J Clarke


I took my daughter to see Carla at Kinesiology Works after a friend recommended her to me. My daughter had developed a few spots of eczema that had worsened in previous months and I was clueless as to why. I knew little about Kinesiology and am generally skeptical about holistic treatments but I found that I was willing to try anything, I didn’t want to continue using steroid cream as it seemed to only have a short term healing affect and wasn’t tackling the root cause of the problem. My daughter was 3 at the time and so Carla treated her by using me as a proxy. I will admit that at the time this seemed a bit crazy to me; my daughter had to put her hands on my head while Carla looked at both emotional and dietary causes for the eczema. However I can genuinely say that the experience was extraordinary and following her findings, which showed my daughter’s eczema was largely an emotional issue, Carla suggested some pointers that would help the eczema. 1 and a half years later my daughter’s eczema, having departed a couple of weeks after the treatment, has not returned. Carla’s manner is warm, reassuring and she is clearly very accomplished at what she does. I am so grateful that I took the plunge and went ahead with the treatment and would recommend anyone taking his or her child with any complaint. It really does work!!

Joanne Heath

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