I had two treatments and immediately felt the benefits.

My experience of Kinesiology is one of sheer wonderment at how it works, but it does!

I have not had an allergic reaction since my treatments.

Each time I have come away amazed at the effects.

I can thoroughly recommend Carla and urge you to give her treatment a try.

After 3 weeks I realised I had regained my appetite and actually looked forward to eating again and gradually began to return to normal.

My daughters eczema having departed a couple of weeks after the treatment has not returned.

I would recommend anyone taking his or her child with any complaint, it really does work!

The amount of treatments a client needs depends very much in the complaint, how long they have had it, and how fully they participate in their treatment. Most people find a significant improvement within three to six visits although it is not uncommon for clients to feel an improvement after just one treatment. Once recovery is fully underway, maintenance treatments are highly recommended two to three times a year.

As a Kinesiology practitioner I am dedicated to prevention as well as to alleviating conditions. I am able to assist in helping clients much more effectively if each person commits to self-help and improving their own health plan. This may include suggested dietary or lifestyle changes. Nutritional supplements and Bach flower remedies also play a vital role in the treatments, assisting in a speedy return to greater health and well being, if needed they are charged separately and at the client’s discretion.

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